Hideo Asou (麻生 英雄, Asō Hideo?) is a Catholic priest who is known to be traveling with Ron. Asou seemed to have been affected by the virus when it was "Nightmare Week" and he, Ron and another child were hit together by the virus. Asou gains the power of petrification, which allows him to turn people into lifeless stone statues merely by touching them, a process that cannot be reversed except by Taisuke's unique abilities. Asou uses this power in conjuncture with his skilled martial arts to get close to his opponents to touch them. When the child who has been infected attempts to hang himself, Asou tries to save him, but unintentionally turns the child into stone instead. When the other people see this they become afraid of him and lock him inside the church. He says he "Cursed" himself. Then he meets Katsumata and tells Katsumata to kill him. Katsumata uses his power and alters Asou's mind into thinking that he "Saved" him. When they meet again, this time with Taisuke, Asou tells Katsumata that he doesn't want to fight. However, Katsumata alters his mind again to make him fight Taisuke. After Hirose absorbs the "Heart of Akura" Asou turns himself into stone, believing he is returning to his parents.

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