Kanon Mitachi (御館 華音, Mitachi Kanon?) is the "red haired girl" who killed Nami's brother. She is a carefree, yet insane and immature girl who kills mostly for her own amusement. Her childish nature is accentuated by her tendency to refer to herself in the third person. Her power is an "Invisible Bomb" which can destroy almost anything in her range with the control of her palm. It's revealed later that she actually needs a metallic object to detonate one of her bombs, and she is easily defeated after Nami lures her into a forested area with no metallic objects nearby. She is also an egotist and tries to kill Ochiai out of jealousy after seeing how well she was treated by Hirose and the others. After being cornered by Nami, Kanon absorbed the "Heart of Akuro" and her Invisible Bomb power increased to the point of not needing any metallic objects. However, she was not compatible with the Heart, and she was eventually torn apart.
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