Kanou Taisuke is a 16 year old High schooler and the protaganist of Alive: The Final Evolution. His best friend Hirose Yuichi is always being picked on. Taisuke is always protecting him. However during the first suicide wave, Hirose gains the ability of void, that turns him into a homicidle maniac. Later Hirose leaves his home town to join the comrades (people with special abilities). Later discovering that Taisuke is also a comrade, he chases after Hirose to stop him from destroying the earth.



Taisuke feels guilty over the death of his parents. A soft drink can Taisuke was drinking from was jammed under the break of the car his parents were in, it caused them to crash with the result of both parents dead. ever since then he has lived alone with his older sister.


At first Taisuke thought that his ability was to produce heat, due to the fact he is able to destroy cells using heat control. His powers also allow him to recreate cells. After learning the full extent of his abilities, Taisuke demonstates his powers to Megumi Ochiai by making a flower grow, and giving it to her.


Taisuke acts fearless at times but is also a kind hearted person. At other times he acts completely stupid and ends up getting a bruise on his head.

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