Kusunoki Nami is a comrade Taisuke encountered while his journey to Hirose.


Her younger brother, Satoru, was killed by Kanon after he accidentally bumped into her. He was burned to death before Nami's eyes, leading her to hunt down Kanon for revenge.


Nami Kusunoki (楠 奈美, Kusunoki Nami?) has the power to freeze water to form any shape she chooses, usually forming it into claws to augment her martial arts, and launching them like bullets to pierce and freeze her targets.


Nami originally hated Comrades, especially those with fire-based abilities, but after spending time with Taisuke , her grudge begins to dissipate. She is shown to gradually developed romantic interest towards Taisuke , and is shown to be envious of Megumi Ochiai, thinking Megumi is more beautiful than herself. One time, as Taisuke was going to tell her that dinner was ready as he entered the tent, he saw Nami naked and she punched him.

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