Megumi Ochiai (落合 恵, Ochiai Megumi?) is Taisuke's childhood friend. She has known him since his parent's death and has always been there for him. Megumi is quite loud and is easily angered. She has looked out for Hirose and Taisuke since an early age and sometimes comes to ask Taisuke's sister for help. Megumi seems to like Taisuke. She is later kidnapped and loses her memories. She manages to recover them one by one after seeing Taisuke again, yet she is later captured by Katsumata once more. Two years after the battle of Hirose and Taisuke, she is living with Katsumata and is the one responsible for Mitama. She believes that Mitama is a child and escorts her to the "heart" which she thinks is "medicine". She refuses to believe Hirose would be a murderer. Fans speculate that Megumi may have acquired unseen powers following the time leap, as Katsumata's control ability only works on fellow power users.


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