Yukie Tezuka (手塚 由紀恵, Tezuka Yukie?), known as 'Mama', is the one who saved Taisuke at the end of the first story arc. Youthful in appearance, she is the mother of the seven Tezuka children who each have separate fathers of different nationalities. Her character is cryptic and she seems to know more about Akuro's heart than she lets on. Yukie appears to have some restorative abilities, for she is the reason Taisuke was able to make a full recovery after being on the brink of death. Before "Nightmare Week" occurred, Yukie was described as a "nomadic" woman who travelled constantly. She had left her children behind to fend for themselves, only visiting on rare occasions to check on them. After she acquired a piece of Akuro's heart, Yukie returned and stayed with her family, taking on a more maternal role. However, she is seen to be smiling sadly and regrets that two of her children Aoi and Jun had become power-users. She is killed by Hirose when he awakens and had her piece of the heart stolen

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